I am currently a transplant from NJ i lived and worked there for 20 years, I now work in Aberdeen Maryland and Live in Baltimore city. In addition i also attend school at Towson University. In my spare time i like to get out and see the new city that i live in.

Neighborhood: Baltimore

10 NFT Questions:
My Day Job:
     Working for the Government
What I'm listening to:
     Joe McDonnell
What I'm reading:
     The Handmaid's Tale
What I believe in:
     Unitarian Universalism
What pisses me off:
     Maryland drivers who choose not to use their blinkers.
What I really think of NFT:
     i love it and wish they made a book for Baltimore

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Washington DC
Bengies Drive-In Theater Largest screen in the US. And it's cheap.
Charles Village Pub The CVP = a cheap place for a cold beer.
Harbor East Landmark Theatre Stadium seating, full bar, good flicks...pretty much perfect.
Howl at the Moon Dueling pianos. For better or worse.
Potbelly Hot sandwiches. Like a gourmet Quiznos.