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With the Cutty Sark magnificently restored and Greenwich's status as an Olympic Borough, the area has been given a new, touristy lease of life recently. There's still plenty of quirky pubs and shops to let you escape the crowds though, from vintage clothes and dusty vinyl at The Beehive to artisan beer at Greenwich Union. And anyway, if you do want to do some proper sightseeing, what better place to do it?


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By Jenny Wight
Feeling encumbered by free time? Join Jen Wight as she leads you on the most minuscule daytrip around! Loiter by the waterways, cycle to the beat of  mum-and-daughter horse riders, look at sheep and excessively binge-drink while making fun of foreigners. You may never take a real vacation again.


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Posted By:  Claire Storrow
Photo:  Claire Storrow

Black Vanilla
Continuing on my gelato riff I decided to head south of the river to Black Vanilla. I'd heard good things about it and was anxious to taste "the finest gelato outside of Italy." Let's get something straight: I judge a gelateria by its pistachio ice-cream. The pistachio ice-cream here is green. Sure, it tasted good but the colour was distracting especially when I was told the pistachio bronte was 50p extra because it was a "premium" flavour. The best pistachio ice-cream I've ever tasted was a distinctly nut-brown hue studded with lovely emerald pieces of pistachio. The stem ginger and acacia honey flavour was interesting. Once in Venice, at a gelateria owned by one Signor Pistacchi (I kid you not), I ordered the ginger flavour and he looked me in the eye and said, "Ma, signorina, la zenzero è un po'...zingara" to which I replied, "Si, me piace zingara." Directly translated, zingara means female gipsy but he was warning me that it was a bit spicy. So that set the benchmark for ginger ice-cream. Granted, this one is made with stem ginger so naturally, will be sweet, but I couldn't help compare. Lastly, the salted caramel knocked my socks off. It had an almost smoky intensity which I can still taste. Not a wasted trip then.

Posted By:  Claire Storrow
Photo:  Claire Storrow

The Langos Company
Street food is now ubiquitous in London which is great as you can eat treats from all corners of the world without leaving our fair city. As much as I love burritos and banh mi, burgers and bao, it's always exciting to stumble across something I haven't seen or tasted before. On a Friday trip to Greenwich I noticed a pizza-looking item and knew immediately that that's what I wanted despite the array of deliciousness before me. A sample taster of the traditional Langos--topped with sour cream and grated cheese--sealed the deal. Langos is a deep fried flatbread that has a beautifully light inside and a crispy golden outside. The warm, garlicky, buttery taste is superb as it is but the Langos Company offers toppings like pulled pork and beef ragu. The latter is topped with shavings of one of my favourite cheeses--Yarg! Yes, Yarg. If you haven't heard of it you now have knowledge of a new Cornish cheese and a fantastic word to say at whim. Yarg! Anyhoo, it's this combination of fresh flavours sourced in the UK which brings the humble Langos into its own. I chose the barbeque chicken which was liberally garnished with fresh herbs, peppers, onion and salad. Yum. Definitely need to #EatMoreLangos (follow their Twitter to find out more).

Posted By:  Jenny Wight
Photo:  Jenny Wight

Greenwich Foot Tunnel
This rusty, dank foot-tunnel, linking Greenwich with the Isle of Dogs, was built in 1902 at a cost of £127,000. This makes me nervous. It is filled with people, all walking along UNDER THE THAMES. This also makes me nervous. And it drips. Really it does. But no one else seems to mind. The other tunnellers are a jolly bunch with beaming faces, squeezing into the lifts after the 10 minute walk, with we're-all-in-this-together raised eyebrows. They banter with the bored-as-fuck lift attendant, who is crouched on a stool next to a CD player. As we zoom up to the surface, R. Kelly tells us he's about to take his key and stick it in the ignition.

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