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Liverpool Street / Broadgate

A grimy maw that spews trendos onto Bishopsgate, Liverpool Street is the gateway to the nowness of Brick Lane and Shoreditch. Its arse-end lets out suits and money into the borders of the City. Avoid a 'flash-mob' in The Light after a grease-up in Damascu Bite, but c'mon, you know you're really on your way to an all-night rave in Stokey so cut the crap and get on the 149.


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Posted By:  Claire Storrow
Photo:  Claire Storrow

Do not come to Casita on a Sunday. I repeat, do not come to Casita on a Sunday. I'm kidding, you're a grown-up, you can make your own decisions. But seriously, you WILL get merry in this place and you might have a sore head on Monday to prove it (this is in no way based on what happened to me by the way). The cocktails are generous and the bar staff will keep you entertained, plus they're not joking when they describe themselves as a 'cocktail shed' so you will definitely be forced to speak to other drinkers--a perfect formula for fun. Casita's famous tequila con verdita must be sampled and may just make you change your mind about the much-maligned liquor. It's a tequila shot followed by a pineapple, coriander, mint and chilli shot, which will do a little dance in your mouth. And all this in Shoreditch! Who knew? I didn't because I gave up having to wade through people talking about being a model/DJ/writer/musician whilst checking their hairdo in the nearest reflective material some years ago, but apparently lots of people do know about Casita and love it. So I'm late to the party, so what? It's a bloody good party.

Posted By:  Claire Storrow
Photo:  Beth Siddons

The Book Club
We like the Book Club. We like Crap Film Club too. Which is good because every couple of months, Crap Film Club pitches up at the Book Club on a Tuesday night. Previous screenings this year have included spectacularly crap films, Birdemic and Miami Connection. On Tuesday, June 17, 2014 it's the film that John Barrowman would rather you didn't see, that's right, it's Shark Attack III Megalodon (don't worry about the previous two). The evening is suitably laid-back with crap snacks on hand, usually some kind of silly hat or headgear making an appearance, and a competition with prize-giving at the end of the night. In fact, it’s probably the most unpretentious and genuinely fun night in Shoreditch; like being in your front room but with a bunch of like-minded strangers, a few cheeky sherbets to be had, and lots of laughs. The screenings are getting popular though, so be sure to book a ticket, and follow CFC on Facebook for updates

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