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Victoria / Pimlico (West)

Since the Tower of London closed for business, prisoners have been routinely tortured at weekends in Victoria Station. Surrounding the transit hubs is a dignified 'hood Churchill and Mozart called home. Do a late-night tramp photoshoot on the steps of the magnificent houses of Lupus Street (with a camera from Grays) before heading to The Cask & Glass for a knees-up with your new pals.


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Posted By:  mike whyte
Photo:  mike whyte

Little Ben
Awww, Little Ben!!! Known as 'the runty little brother' to the ever-so-grand Big Ben, it can be easy to sneer at the black-and-gold clock tower. In fact, many people will probably not even be able to tell you where it is, or that it even exists..."what? Little Ben? Are you havin' a laugh?" Well, to those in the Victoria area, or passing through on the way on to bigger and better things--spare a thought for Little Ben, standing silently on a junction in front of Victoria Station. You may be in a hurry, and eager to get from A to B and then to C, but a brief opening of the eyes will be very revealing. L.B. isn't a runt, and in fact is quite a polite little thing, even apologising for British Summertime on its slightly worn body, and for those having to change its clock. Look closer, and its very being is as an act of friendship between England and France. It's not a runt at all, it's just looking for friends... Awww, Little Ben...

Posted By:  Anne Seymour
Photo:  Anne Seymour

Little Ben
Londoners love an underdog. Show us something a bit runty, a bit gormless, a bit birth-defected, and we'll open up our hearts and make it a much loved part of the city. Hell, we may even elect it as mayor. So when an underdog is given a wide berth and remains obscure, it's a testament to it being really, really, really crap. The fact that almost no one realises that Big Ben has a gimpy kid brother called Little Ben is a case in point. Not only do few know it exists, but those who do stuck it in the middle of a polluted traffic island near Victoria Station--the clocktower equivalent of dumping kittens in a box by the M11. It was taken away for being just too rubbish in the 60s, but somehow managed to claw its way back in 1981. There it stands today, defiantly ticking away the wrong time for six months of the year as it's set one hour ahead of GMT, seemingly just for the fun of making people panic that they've missed their train from Victoria. Feel free to kick it.

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