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Business/Location: Hôtel Opéra Bourse
Address: 15 Rue Geoffroy Marie
City: Paris
State: Ile-de-France
Zip Code: 75009
Phone: 01 53 34 12 12
Website: www.pavillon-opera-bourse.com/

Posted by:  Alex G
Photo:  Alex G
   Hôtel Opéra Bourse
Never mind that I don't stay in hotels in Paris because I live here, people keep wanting to know what hotel they ought to stay in. So here is my answer--but with no names, just geographical points. Given that Paris is an eminently walkable city, and that most tourist attractions are located on or near the river Seine, staying close to the river is a good way to optimize your stay. Paris is made up of 20 districts, arranged in a snail-shell pattern that starts at the center. You may thus want to stay in a one-digit district--1 through 9. Within those, the districts most likely to have more affordable hotels are the 5th (Latin quarter), and the 9th (Opéra). Finally, an unusually large portion of hotels in Paris are not part of an international chain, they are family-owned businesses. That leaves visitors with two options--an international chain with well-established and consistent service and standards, or a family-run establishment that often (but not always) trades off fewer amenities for more character and a human touch. Now the choice is up to you.

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Submitted on: 6/29/2010 11:52:34 AM      
By: Claire Storrow
Comment: I can also recommend the Pavillon Nation http://www.pavillon-nation.com/Nation/Accueil.html of the same chain: a little out of the way for some perhaps but I like the neighbourhood and the service is impeccable