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Business/Location: Brompton Cemetery
Address: Finborough Road
City: London
State: N/A
Post Code: SW10 9
Phone: 020 7352 1201

Posted by:  Lee Mannion
Photo:  Lee Mannion
   Brompton Cemetery
It's not unusual for a sense of guilt to settle on a person when walking through a cemetery. But why? The dead wouldn't want you to apologise for being alive. It's not like you're rubbing it in by wandering among them, alive alive oh. Neither are they likely to care if you put your feet on their oblong of remembrance; they're dead after all remember. Decorum would probably dictate that sunbathing was out, though it hadn't stopped the stripped down couple glorying in a rare blast of English summer amongst the crosses on my visit. Regular readers will know that my curiosity about the city often ends in finding peaceful spots. Brompton is a beautiful one. Elegant, almost. If you're feeling frivolous you could engage in a spot of corpse Bingo. Draw up a list of names you're likely to find and the first one to fill their card buys a cocktail on the Kings Road. Otherwise, abandon yourself to the zen-like serenity that should engulf you as you wander amongst the dead, pondering the point of an existence that the tombstones around you will prove is only temporary *emits Vincent Price at the end of Thriller type laugh*

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Submitted on: 6/12/2010 10:50:27 AM      
By: Claire Storrow
Comment: Part of the Magnificent Seven Cemeteries: Nunhead, West Norwood, Kensal Green, Highgate, Abney Park, Tower Hamlets, Brompton. All of them worth a visit.